15 inch LED Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine 15 inch LED Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine15 inch LED Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine15 inch LED Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound Machine
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Touch Screen Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner System

Abdomen / Obstetrics / Gynecology / Urology / Andrology / Small Parts / Vascular / Pediatrics / Musculoskeletal
Item Code: CCPT50C
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Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Small Parts, Vascular, Anaesthesia, Emergency, ICU, Breast, Veterinary Style: Portable Types: Color Doppler
CCPT50C Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound Scanner System
Technical  Specification
CCPT50C Unique Selling Point:
Ergonomic Design
Up to 3 Transducer Ports
Light Weight and Compact
Large Anti‐flickering HD Screen
Tilting Monitor Angle Adjustment
Long‐ lasting Battery
Ease of Use
Touch, enhance exam productivity also minimize most of users learning curve.
Auto Image Optimized
Simply software work flow
Wi‐ Fi Available
“Station” for patient management Entry level color Doppler systems
Expansive Accessories
DICOM 3.0 for professional practicer,very
Height Adjustable Trolley
Durable, Carry‐on Site Suitcase
Efficient Diagnosis
Spatial Compound Imaging
Wide‐angle imaging
Panoramic focusing technology
Tissue Specific Imaging
1       System Overview                                                                                                                                                                      
Standard Features:              An entry‐ level fully‐featured touch Color Doppler ultrasound system, CCPT50C employs the advanced
technologies and ergonomic concept developed for next generation imaging systems, in all applications. Simple touch to save time, this simple operation helps enhance exam productivity and increase patient  throughput, also minimize most of users learning curve. In additional, CCPT50C is the most lightweight        hand‐carried portable ultrasound with three probe ports in the world, deliver superb image quality in     many clinics, hospitals or practice settings across multiple examinations.
Application scenarios:         • Applicable to different body scans, for example, Abdomen,Obstetrics,Gynecology,Cardiology,Small
Parts,Urology,Kidney,MSK(Musculoskeletal);Carotid; Orthopedic; Vascular
•  and varied user environment. Ultrasonography, emergency, operating room, ICU, ward and out‐call, etc
Based on linux, stable performance, security data
Convex Array,Linear Array,Endocavity Array
2‐ 12Mhz
3 active transducer connectors support quick switch between different probe needs,unique micro connector
up to 300mm
Language:                              Software: English, Chinese, Spanish,Russian,Italian, Czech , and more(ODM support!)
Keyboard Input: English, Chinese, and more(ODM support!)
User Manual: English, Chinese
2       Physical Spec
System Dimension:              Height: 402 mm Width: 385mm Depth: 53mm
Weight:                                   Around 4.8 kg (Include Battery)
Monitor:                                  • 15' high resolution LCD monitor with tilting to view it freely and comfortably
• Resolution: 1024×768
• Brightness Adjustable
• Max Opening Angle:45°
Touchscreen:                         Fully resistive touch screen/
capacitive touch screen(reserved)
Transducer element :          128
Power:                                     System operates via AC power & battery
AC Adapter:                           • Model:MANGO‐ ChinaCare‐ 15AD
• Voltage: 100‐ 240VAC
• Frequency: 50/60 Hz
• Currency: 5A
• Output: 15V
Battery:  (optional)               • Model: LY606090
• Lithium‐ Ion, 11.1V , 7000mAH
• Charge to Full: 6 hours
• Max Duration: 180 minutes realtime scan *
* vary on the configuration and different working condition, for more details to contact the sales.
Operating Evironment:       • Temperature: 0‐40 °C
• Humidity: 30%‐85% (non‐condensing)
• Pressure: 700hPa‐ 1060hPa
Storage and Transport:       • Temperature: ‐ 20‐55 °C
• Humidity: 30%‐95%(non‐condensing)
• Pressure: 700hPa‐ 1060hPa
3       User Interface                                                                                                                                                                           
Control Panel:                        • Easily be adjusted to the user's preferred height( up to 45°)
• iBscan™ Quick Image Optimization
• Image clip board for thumbnail view
Boot‐ up and Power off:      • Hard boot‐ up in 35s
• Power off in 1s
Comment:                               • Text and arrow available
• Size of text and arrow adjustable
• Set home position for comment initiation
• Full packages for all application
• User‐defined text
Bodymark:                              • Bodymark patterns for all application
• Support transducer mark
Screen Displayed Info*:      • ChinaCare Logo
• Hospital Name
• Exam Date
• Exam Time
• Acoustic Power
• MI
• ID, Name
• Probe
• TGC Curve
• Focus Position
• Thumbnail
• Image Parameters
*Not all items are listed in here, please refer to user manual for detailed info.
4       Imaging Processing                                                                                                                                                                  
Dynamic imaging                 Wide‐angle imaging
technologies:                         Panoramic focusing technology
Rolling M technology
THI:                                          Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Pre‐processing:                     Cloud processing technology
8‐segment TGC
Gain(30‐ 120dB)
Dynamic range
M Soften
Noise suppression
Post‐processing:                   Image enhancement
Gray Map
Pseudo Color Map
Tissue Specific Imaging
Left/right reverse
Up/down reverse
5       Measurement & Calculations                                                                                                                                                 
B mode:                                   Distance, angle, area, volume, trace length, distance ratio
M mode:                                 Distance, time, slope, Heart Rate
Software packages:             abdomen, cardiac, gynecology, obstetrics, urology,, small parts (thyroid), etc. *
*Individual Measurements and Calculation packages for different applications.
6       Input and Output                                                                                                                                                                      
HDMI:                                      1
WIFI                                         1
USB 3.0:                                  2
MIC:                                         1
DC in:                                       1
DICOM3.0*:     (optional)    1
*DICOM3.0 Connect by WIFI,this is optional function.
7       Storage and Data Management                                                                                                                                             
Storage:                                  • SSD for patient data
• Digital formate storage of single frame

Exam Management:            • “Station” for patient management
• Patient quick search and retrieve
• Able to review current exam and past exam
• Support new exam, activate exam, continue exam
• Able to measure on stored images and cines
• Able to export file as JPG/AVI
• Able to back up data to USB device
8       Connectivity                                                                                                                                                                              
Network Connection:           • WIFI
• Ethernet(reserved)
DICOM 3.0 (optional):         • DICOM Basic
‐ Print
9       Multi‐frequency probes                                                                                                                                                          
Convex probes
C5‐2Ds  color Doppler Applications:ABD, Renal, ABD‐Vascular, Ped‐ABD, GYN, OB, Fetal Heart, Urology, Prostate
Convex probe(standard Frequency Bandwidth: 2.0‐5.0MHz
configuration): Central frequency: 3.5 MHz
Radius: 60 mm
View angle: 61 degrees
Scanning Depth: 30‐300 mm
Element: 128
Biopsy guide available
C8‐5Cc  color Doppler Applications:Pediatric, fetal heart
Micro convex probe: Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0‐9.0 MHz
Center frequency: 6.5 MHz
Radius: 15 mm
View angle: 100.7 degrees
Scanning Depth: 10~150 mm
Element: 128
E10‐4Cs  color Doppler Applications:Early OB, OB/GYN, Urology
Trans‐ vaginal probe: Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0‐9.0 MHz
Center frequency: 6.5 MHz
Radius: 13 mm
View angle: 150 degrees
Scanning Depth: 10~150 mm
Element: 128
Linear probes  
L11‐4Ds  color Doppler Applications: Vascular,Carotid,P‐Arterial,SMP,Thyroid,Breast,Testicle,SmEye,MSK, ABD
Linear probe: Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0‐ 10.0 MHz
Center frequency: 7.5MHz
Scanning width: 40 mm
Scanning Depth: 10~184 mm
Element: 128
Biopsy guide available
10     Peripherals and Accessories (Optional)                                                                                                                                

• High Speed Printing
• High‐density 325 dpi thermal Head •Worldwide compatibility
•Simple and Convenience to Operate
Digital B/W Video Printer: SONY UP‐895MD
‐ Built‐ in WIFI Adapter
• Encryption: WPA/WP2/WPAI, 64/128/152‐ bit WEP, WPS
• Max transfer speed: 150Mbps
• Protocol: 802.11b: CCK, QPSK, BPSK, 802.11g/n: OFDM
Graph / text printer:            HP DeskJet F2418 、HP DeskJet D2568 、HP Deskjet 2050 、HP Deskjet 1050 J410 、HP Deskjet 2520hc、
HP Laserjet M1005 、HP Laserjet P2035 、HP Laserjet P1102 、HP Laserjet P1102w 、HP Laserjet P1108
、HP Laser Jet 1536dnf MFP, and more!
11     Certificate and Security                                                                                                                                                           
Quality Certificate    Complied Standards

ISO 9001,ISO 13485
CSA C22.2 No. 601‐ 1
EN 60601‐ 1 and IEC 60601‐ 1
EN 60601‐ 1‐ 2 and IEC 60601‐ 1‐ 2
EN 60601‐ 1‐ 6 and IEC 60601‐ 1‐ 6
EN 60601‐ 2‐37 and IEC60601‐ 2‐37
EN 62304 and IEC 62304
EN 62366 and IEC 62366
EN ISO 17664 and ISO 17664
12     Standard Configurations                                                                                                                                                         
CCPT50C Systems
15" high definition LCD monitor
C5‐2Ds convex array transducer
WIFI module
Two USB ports
One s‐ video out port
One HDMI port
One power inlet
Three transducer connectors
Two special‐designed probe holder
Plenty of measurement&calculation software packages
lithium Battery Supporting normal diagnosis
User defined exam settings
12 months warranty since ex‐factory date for main unit
12 months warranty since ex‐factory date for probes
13     Opions:
Convex array transducer
Linear array transducer
Endocavity transducer
High frequency linear probe
Micro convex probe

Rectal linear probe
Needle‐guided brackets
AC Adapter
Mobile trolley
Wheeled transport case
14     Warranty :                                                                                                                                                                                 
Standard Warranty:             12 months warranty since ex‐factory date for main unit;
12 months warranty since ex‐factory date for probes;
Free Lifetime upgrade to new versions.
Optional Warranty:              12 months warranty for system
15     OEM/ODM Order                                                                                                                                                                     
Our company not only produce products by own ChinaCare brand, but also accept OEM, ODM order by customers. We will satisfy your order by our faithful service.

Shipping Information:

G.W: 10kg

Packing Size: 0.52m,0.52m,0.31m

Unit: Piece

Special: No

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