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This apparatus is designed for use in distilling, drying, concentrating and heat soaking chemicals or biological products.
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Ⅰ. Uses:
    This apparatus is designed for use in distilling, drying, concentrating and heat soaking chemicals or biological products.
  The water baths are available in two patterns according to the arrangement of the openings (a) single-row and (b) double-row.
             SINGLE-ROW                 DOUBLE-ROW
Modle No. No. of
d h Power
Modle No. No. of
d h Power
HH·S1 1 120 90 300 HH.S4 4 120 90 1000
HH·S2 2 500
HH·S4 4 1200 HH.S6 6 1500
HH·S6 6 1800 HH.S8 8 2000
  NOTE: 1. d-available diameter of the opening without rings and cover
         2. h-available height from the baffle board to the level of the openings.
    This product is of water bath type. Its diameter of the maximum opening is 125mm, Each opening is provided with 4 rings and 1 cover. The inner bath is of one - piece sheet copper to be moulded by punching. The outer casing is made of choice sheet steel of high quality to be finished in spray lacquer. The gap between the outer casing and the inner bath is stuffen with glass wool for heat preservation. The heating clement is immersed in water so that rapid heating can be obtained and power consumption economised. Ametal regulat or is also equipped for adjusting the temperature from 37 ℃to 100℃ according to requirements. These are for adjuster's reference only.
     Set temperature: press SET key to set temperature. After pressing SET key, data on lower line digital tube will flash (the upper low measure temperature normally), which means meter enters the status of temperature setting. Press △ key to increase set value, and press ▽ key to decrease set value. If continuously press increase key or decrease key, set value will change rapidly. Press SET key again, and meter returns to temperature under normal working status. Setting is finished.
Parameter setting: Press SET key for 3 seconds to enter setting status of internal menu. The following parameters appear one by one.
E: offset of proportion zone, parameter E can move the actual control point. Even though the center of time proportion moves, value E can be positive or negative depending on heating system.
P: proportion zone, that is, proportion control value. For easy understanding and for proportion zone to have bigger representation space, the proportion zone of this meter is unilateral proportion zone, that is, actual proportion zone is twice value P. With actual control point as center, output heating proportion within range of value P from down to up is evenly distributed at 0%-100%.
T: heating output circulation period, that is working circulation period of relay. Value T is small, and the control effect is good, but if value T is too small, relay’s life time will shorten due to frequent working. Generally value T is 20-40s.
For example: if P is set to 4.0 (actual proportion zone is 8.0), temperature is set to 60.0℃, E is set to 2.0, the actual control point is 58.0℃.When temperature reaches 54.0℃, meter will enter status of proportion zone control
Correction of error: When confirming that displayed value on meter is not correct measured value, correct displayed value. Press SET key for 3 seconds to enter internal menu of meter, and the first parameter appears is E, and press SET key, meter data will flash, this flashing parameter is the correcting parameter of error, and press △ or ▽ key to correct this parameter. Correction range of error is -9.9℃~+9.9℃. Press SET key again and parameters P, T will appear one by one, and then press SET key again to exit. Correction value of meter when ex-work is 0. When using, one shall preventing correct meter from being corrected incorrect.
    This equipment is operated on 220V.AC.Arubber 3-strand main cord is provided, of which the black one is for grounding. One of the terminals of the cord is connected to the floor board of the outer casing, while the other terminal is connected to the longest and thickest pin in the 3-pin plug. When in operation, the ground wire for the 3-pin receptacle must be connected effectively. Generaly, the pound wire is welded to the water pipe or to a galvanized tube of 2m long and 25mm, in diameter to be buried . BUT DO NEVER CONNECT TO THE GASPIPE!


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