Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer
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Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer

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  • Description
Type: Semi Auto Size: Tabletop Type
Operation Video,

Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer Features,

● 6 detecting wavelengths: 450-492-510-546-578-630nm
● Up to 70 test items
● Analytical modes: end-point, absorbance.
● Large LCD. menu operation, hospital and patient information editing available
● Inner thermal-sensitive printer. English comprehensive report available, including refer range

             (Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer Printer)
● Memory for 10000 sample results
● Few reagent needing, low detecting cost.
Open reagents, can match for any brand reagent which you can get from your native market.

        (Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer Sample Test)

Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer Specification:
Test project:≥70
Flow cell:  32uL,quartz glass
Liquid volume: 200-3000uL
Resolution: 0.001Abs(display),0.0001Abs(calculation)
Repeatability: <1%
Printer: Internal thermal-sensitive printer, 58nm paper width
Display: 240*64LCD
Communication: RS-232 serial cable
Power supply:220\110VAC±15%,50\60Hz 80W
Temperature: 15℃-30℃ wet≤90%
Dimension:  380mm(L)*330mm(W)160mm(H)
Weight: 7Kg

Semi automated clinical chemistry analyzer Test Content,
Item no Abbreviation name   Item no Abbreviation name
1 ALT Alanine Aminotransferase 29 Fe Blood serum ferrum
2 ALP Alkalinity phosphatase 30 Zn Blood serum zinc
3 TBIL Total bilirubin 31 P Blood serum phosphorus
4 DBIL Direct bilirubin 32 K Blood serum potassium
5 TP Total protein 33 Na Blood serum sodium
6 ALB Albumin 34 HGB Haemoglobin
7 TTT Muskdeer vanilla phenolase 35 RBC Red blood cell
8 CHE Choline lipase 36 CO2 Total carbon dioxide
9 NH3 Blood ammonia 37 r-GT Gamma-glutamate aminoacyl transpeptidase
10 BUN Urea nitrogen 38 G Globulin
11 CRE Inosine anhydride 39 A/G White ball ratio
12 UA Uric acid 54 URE urea
13 TCHO Cholesterol 55 Cu Blood serum coppre
14 HDLC High density Cholesterol      
15 LDLC Low density Cholesterol      
16 TG Triglyceride      
17 LDH Lactic dehydrogenase      
18 GOT Millet straw transaminase        
19 CK Creatine kinase        
20 GLU Blood sugar      
21 AMS Amylose      
22 IGA Immune globulin A      
23 IGG Immune globulin G      
24 IGM Immune globulin M        
25 C3 Complement      
26 CL Blood serum chlorine      
27 Ca Blood serum calcium      
28 Mg Blood serum magnesium      

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