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Magnetic Heating Agitator, an ideal essential implement for laboratory technicians, is universally applied in colleges and universities, environment protecting, researching, sanitation, antiepeidemic, petrolum, metallurgy, chemical and medical units.
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  • Description
( I ) Brief Instruction
  CCL- 78-1 Magnetic Heating Agitator, an ideal essential implement for laboratory technicians, is universally applied in colleges and universities, environment protecting, researching, sanitation, antiepeidemic, petrolum, metallurgy, chemical and medical units.
( II ) Characteristics
  CCL- 78-1 Magnetic Heating Agitator is an ameliorated one developed on the basis of 69-1 and 76-1 magnetic agitator. Equipped with a DC motor, it can attain 10,000-odd hours continuous mo-load operation, With good performance, no noise and no vibration, it can achieve remarkably good agitating result. The machine is designed for solutions of high viscosity. Its frame is made of aluminun alloy, thus no rust will occur.
 ( 11I ) Specifications
   1. Power: Single-phase alternating current 220V 50-60Hz
   2. Motor power: 25W Hot wire power: 120W
   3. Infinite Speed Variation: Starting-2000 rpm
 (IV) Usage
   When using this apparatus, make sure that the fitting parts are complete. Place the beakers needing agitating in the centre of the heater plate, and the rabble into the solution which has been filled into the beakers. Put the plug into the outlet and turn on the power add the speed adjusting switches. Once the indictor is on, the machine is ready for operation. Be sure to adjust speed gradually from the low to the high. You must not stare the apparatus at a high speed, or else the rabble won't go synchronuously. The apparatus should always be kept clean and dry. Solutions should be kept out of the inside of the machine so as not to damage it. To ensure security, the machine should be grounded in operation and the power should be cut off after operation.
( v ) Cautions
  1. When agitating, if you find the agitator vibrates violently of stops agitation, please cut off the power and inspect the bottom of the beaker to see if it is level and if its position is proper while checking the voltage to see if it is 220V±10V. Other while the irregular phenomena like above will certainly occur.
   2. It is not proper to heat too long. To use it at intervals can prolong the life of the apparatus.
   3. The apparatus can work continuously for 8 hours at a medium speed and for 4 hours at a high speed.
   4. If the power is on and he indicator is not lit, please inspect whether the fuse pipe is damaged for it has the function of the protection of the motor when power changes and the motor is overloaded. If the fuse is damaged, replace it with the fuse supplied together with the machine or a proper one of the same specification you can find.
   5. If the electric motor refuses to turn under the proper power after a long time of operation, please inspect whether the screws connected with the motor's axle are loose. When the magnet drops, please stick it with 502 glue available on the market. Pay attention to the cleaning and poles of the magnet.
   6. If current leak occurs after a long time of operation, please inspect if the heating ceramic pipe is damaged because the heating wire is directly supplied with 220V or inspect if lines touch one another or the insultion pipe has dropped off. Those who know little of electricity are forbidden to repair the machine.
   7. The fitting parts are as follows:
   One aet of support and gripping device
   Two rabbles
   One l A fuse
   One piece of power caole (with plug)
   We will repair or replace any product that breaks down for the reason of poor quality within one year from the date of production. Be at ensure when using it.

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