Isothermal Magnetic Stirrer Isothermal Magnetic StirrerIsothermal Magnetic StirrerIsothermal Magnetic Stirrer
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Isothermal Magnetic Stirrer

It is an ideal analytical detector for liquid heating and stirring,special in thermostatic automatically regulating.
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  • Description
  CCL-HJ-6A  isothermal magnetic stirrer is one of six-bar magnetic stirrers. It is an ideal analytical detector for liquid heating and stirring,special in thermostatic automatically regulating. With DC brushless motor, it possesses many advantages,such as lower noise,less mechanical breakdown and stable timing. The stirrer bar is made of telflon and high-quality alnico,so it is heat-resistant,abrasive resistant,anti-corrosive with high speed stirring. It is also efficient to mix and stir the liquid in the airtight vessel.
Ⅱ.Technical index
  1. Power adapter:220v±10% 50HZ-60HZ
  2. Power of motor:25W×6
  3. Heating power:150W×6
  4. Speed range:0-2400rpm(adjustable continuously, Digital Speed)
  5. Temperature control:RT-100℃(LED Digital temperature control)
  6. Timing range:0~120min
Ⅲ.Methods of Usage

  1. Turn on the switch of the power, the pilot lamp is light. Rotate the potential governor clockwise to make the rotation speed of stirring from slow to fast. Stop rotating if the speed is enough as required.
  2. Set temperature: press SET key to set temperature. After pressing SET key, data on lower line digital tube will flash (the upper low measure temperature normally), which means meter enters the status of temperature setting. Press △ key to increase set value, and press ▽ key to decrease set value. If continuously press increase key or decrease key, set value will change rapidly. Press SET key again, and meter returns to temperature under normal working status. Setting is finished.
  3. If the stirrer bar jumping in the operation, switch off the power and then switch on again. Adjust the speed from slow to fast, then it will be in gear.
  4. If need timing, just adjust to the needed time. If not, please turn the knob to “ON”. Timer is used to control the motor speed, not the power.
  1. To assure your safety, please use three phase electrical outlet and make it grounded in use.
  2. If the stirring liquid splashed on the disk, please switch off the power immediately. Otherwise the motor and elements will be damaged.
  3. Keep the instrument neat after use. Switch off the power if not using for long time and turn off the switch to avoid accident.


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G.W: 18kg

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