Full-digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System Full-digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic SystemFull-digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic SystemFull-digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System
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Full-digital Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

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Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Small Parts, Vascular, Anaesthesia, Emergency, Breast, Veterinary Style: Trolley Types: Color Doppler Installment Payment: Installment Payment Model

Standard Configuration:
Main Unit,
2 probe connectors,
Hard Disk(500G),
2USB port
Convex Probe

Technical features:
Display mode
B/W image: B, B/B, 4B, left and right B/M,B/D, PW, M B mode locally amplified
Blood flow image CFM:B/C,BC/B,B/BC
Adjustment parameters Doppler frequency ,sampling frame position and size, baseline ,color gain ,deflection angle ,wall filter ,accumulated frequencies ,ect.
Probe type
Probe socket:4
Probe frequency: C2.0 MHz -10.0 MHz, 8-stage multi-frequency
Probe class: Large convex, slight convex, linear array, in-cavity.        
Acoustic powerC16-stage output power, adjustable
Display depth: Can make continuous and multi-stage adjustment by using encoder
Focusing: Electronic focusing +acoustic lens focusing
Transmission focus: single focus, double focus, 3-focus and 4-focus
Continuously dynamic focusing mode is used for front end reception
B-type display:
Image amplification (real-time or freeze status), max. 4-times
Image vertical/horizontal overture
Display depth is continuously adjustable
M-type display: Scanning speed:4-stage

Digital beam formation:
Image whole range continuous dynamic focusing
Image whole range dynamic aperture
Image whole range dynamic trace change
Image whole range receive delay weight summation
Support semi-moment scanning, and support ±10 linear reception deflection angle
Multiple beam parallel processing technology
Signal processing and Doppler
Provided with dynamic filtering and orthogonal demodulation
Provided with total gain adjustment
Gain adjustment: 8-segment TGC
B-type,C-type,D-type total gain ,  respectively adjustable
B/W image gain and color blood flow gain, respectively adjustable
Doppler stereo output volume adjustment: 0-255
Doppler baseline adjustment : 6-stage
Pulse repetition frequency can be respectively adjusted: CFM PWD
Provided with D-linear speed adjustment
Image processing function
Image realize dynamic range conversion and logarithm compression
Image realize time filtering
Image realize spatial filtering
Image realize frame correlation
Image realize edge enhancement
Image realize grey scale convertion
Provided with selection of B/M-type or M-type scanning speed
Provided with high-density and high frame frequency selection
Provided with image convex arrange scanning angle, linear array scanning depth control
Provided with image optimized processing: 6-stage
Image left/right, up/down overturn
Color grey scale bar inversion selection
B/W image resolution: 1024x768x8 bit(256 grey scale)
Color image resolution:1024x768  8bit x 8bit x 8bit color coding

L/W/H/ Weight
Main Engine:68/84.5/117.5(cm)/70kg
Accessory Case:52/51/44(cm)/10KG

3.5MHZ convex probe,
6.5MHZ Trans-vaginal probe,
7.5MHZ linear probe,
3.5Mhz Phase array Cardiac probe
3.5Mhz Micro convex probe
DICOM 3.0,

Optional Information,
3.5MHZ convex probe,
Applications:   Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Regional nerve block, 
Procedure and Biopsy guidance

6.5MHZ Trans-vaginal probe,
Applications:  Obstetrics, gynecology

7.5MHZ linear probe,
Applications:  Breast, small parts, nerve, vascular, venous access, 
musculoskeletal, biopsy guidance

3.5Mhz Phase array Cardiac probe
Application, Professional Cardiac probe

3.5Mhz Micro convex probe
Applications:  Abdominal, Urology, vascular,Pediatric cardiology, pediatric abdominal, neonatal heads,Small animal

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