Constant Temperature Magnetic Stirrer Constant Temperature Magnetic StirrerConstant Temperature Magnetic StirrerConstant Temperature Magnetic Stirrer
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Constant Temperature Magnetic Stirrer

his apparatus is our factory's another research result after the Magnetic Heating Stirrer.
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  • Description
​​​​​​Ⅰ. Brief introduction
This apparatus is our factory's another research result after the Magnetic Heating Stirrer. It is an ideal analysis measurement instrument for heating and stirring liquid, which has the special virtue of auto-controlling constant temperature. It adopts direct current brushless machine, having the characteristics of low crachkling, little mechanical breakdown and steady timing. The agitation machine is made from Fluorine material and all wool and a yard wide alnico, which has the merit of high temperature resistant, antifriction, chemical corrosion resistant and high rotary force. It is very perfect and convenient to carry out mixing in the sealed container.
Ⅱ. Technical index
1. Power source: 220V±10% 50Hz±2%; AC110V,60HZ
2. Rotary speed: 0~2000r/min Infinite speed variation
3. Rotating power: 40W
4. Heating power: ≤250W   
5. Range of temperature controlled:RT~150℃ 
Ⅲ.Temperature setting
Set temperature: press SET key to set temperature. After pressing SET key, data on lower line digital tube will flash (the upper low measure temperature normally), which means meter enters the status of temperature setting. Press △ key to increase set value, and press ▽ key to decrease set value. If continuously press increase key or decrease key, set value will change rapidly. Press SET key again, and meter returns to temperature under normal working status. Setting is finished.
Correction of sensor error: When confirming that displayed value on meter is not correct, correct displayed value. Press SET key for 3 seconds to enter internal menu of meter, and press △ or ▽ key to correct this parameter after selecting parameter SC. Correction range of sensor error is +50~-50. After finishing correction, press SET key again for 3 seconds to exit. Correction value of meter when ex-work is 0. When using, one shall preventing correct meter from being corrected incorrect.
3. If the agitation apparatus is jumping when working, please turn off the power source and start it again, keep the speed from slow to fast. And return to its normal stage.                                                                     
Ⅳ. Precautions
1. Keep it grounded perfectly when using in case of safety.
2. If the agitation liquid splashes in the disk, the component and electric machinery will be burned-out. The power source should be switched off immediately.       
3. Keep the machine clean when using, power source should be turned off when not using it chronically, avoiding accident happens.
The products in our factory are ensured to be maintained all the time. Please use them at your ease. (Cost of production will be paid extenuatorily when using improperly or imparing artificially).

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