Computer control Infant Incubator
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Computer control Infant Incubator

Two temperature control modes: Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer; Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance; Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can
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  • Description
Air temp. servo-controlled by computer;
Separate setting temp. and real temp. display windows;
Five self-check alarms.
1.Hood part          
2.Access port          
3. Access port Lock Holder       
4. Transfusion
5. Front door           
7. Front door Lock Holder    
. Side handle     
9. Fill/Drain Water Device          
Power Supply:   220V  5OHz  
Power Consumption:      ≤300VA
Air Temperature Control Range3037 
Skin Temperature Control Range: 3037 
Temperature Resolution0.1 
Temperature Precision<0.5air temp.)             
Over temp Alarm<38air temp.)                 
Air Temp Error :  ±3
air temp.
Main structure and Function
This incubator is composed of the Top part, middle part, and controller etc.
1. Top Part is composed of the hood, mattress, mattress tilting device, temperature displayer, access port (front/side), front door, tube inlet etc.
l) Hood
Functions: It’s composed of 4-sided transparent windows which enables users to monitor an infant.
2) Mattress
Functions: Device which is designed to put the infant.
3) Temperature displayer
Functions: Device which enable users to monitor the temperature.
4) Access Port
Functions: Door which allows treatment of infants without opening a hood door.
Operation: Push the access port lock holder, the door will open. Put it to the front door, the holder will lock automatically.  
5) Right side Access Port
Functions: Door which allows treatment of infants without opening a hood door.
Operation: Turn the handle counterclockwise, the door will close. Turn the handle clockwise, the door will open.   
6) Front Door
Functions: Door designed to enable users to put infant in.
Operation: Turn the front door lock holder left or right, the door will open and pull the door down.  

2. Middle Part is composed of the Main deck, Air Flow system, filter, humidity Reservoir  etc.
1)  Main deck Functions: A mattress is placed, and a control part, a water reservoir is installed for humidity.
2)  Air Flow System
Functions: Refer to [Figure 4]
3)  Filter
Functions: Device which is designed to supply the fresh air to hood after flitting.
If a filter is dirty, it is occupied by an infected infant, or it is used to [refer to “cleaning& ”]
4)  Fill/Drawn Water Device
Functions: Water container which supplies humidity generator with water.
Note: The water in the reservoir must be distilled water.
5)  Caster Functions: Wheels used for easy movement of an incubator. The have a brake device so that they can be fixed on a floor. Operation: refer to “Figure 11.1, Figure 11.2
6Transfusion Rack
   Functions: Rack designed to enable users to put transfusion bottles when transfusing to infant.

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