benchtop refrigerated centrifuge

What is benchtop refrigerated centrifuge?

By china care medical | 02 September 2018 | 1 Comments
A centrifuge is a piece of equipment that use sedimentation principle, applying a force perpendicular to the axis of spin (outward) that can be very strong. 

What is benchtop refrigerated centrifuge?
Benchtop means it is small can be put into the table. it is not a floor stand type. you can put into your labroom table without much space. Refrigerated function can keep the sample as a requested temperature.

What is benchtop refrigerated centrifuge usage in Hospital Labroom?
Vaccuum Centrifuge can concentrates solutes from a liquid sample into a dry state or a wet pellet state. can be used in DNA, RNA, nucleotides, and other proteins.
hematocrit centrifuge is mainly used to determine the value of the blood hair cells, as well as the centrifuge of the micro blood and micro capacity.
Blood Bank Centrifuge is used for blood ,biochemistry, biological sample,It is a special centrifuge designed to satisfy the rapid centrifuge of blood banks.

(Blood Bank Centrifuge Rotator)

Main Point to choose benchtop refrigerated centrifuge and other centrifuge.
1.Machine Style
Tabletop, portable and Floor stand type,

          (Tabletop small mini centrifuge)
Tabletop is small to put into your table, it don't request a large space to put.

            (Tabletop centrifuge)
Portable type is very light and smaller than Tabletop one, it is more easy to bring it everywhere.
Floor stand type is always Large Capacity model, and request a space to put, it is better to ask the machine demision before you buy that.

           (Floor stand centrifuge)
if you only have small place to put this floor stand centrifuge.

Normally we will separate all machine into Low speed(≤10000rpm) and High Speed(≥10000rpm), sometimes there will be other speed separation,
But you need to confirm with your doctor or your technical person that your application test requests how many rpm speed. 
this is the an important point

3,Refrigerated function,
Some special sample requests cool temperature during the centrifugation, then refrigerated centrifuge will be requested.

Different application will request for the different volume tubes and different speed, and other conditions,
so if you tell suppliers about your application, such as beauty, Hematocrit, Cell Smear and others, the supplier can suggest you suitable model according to their experience.

                                     (Centrifuge Rotator Example)

Max Rotator quantity to use in the machine, and the Rotator tube volume(how many ml), different types are with different price.
When you choose one machine, you should consider your possible applications, and check if these machine can be optional suitable rotators for the future usage, even you don't buy these rotators now.
Different Machine can be optional different rotator.

Purchase suggestion,
Small hospitals can be equipped with benchtop refrigerated centrifuge because of the small workload and the small batch of secondary processing.

Large hospitals usually use Full Automatic Uncap Centrifuge to do vacuum blood collection and separation, but because of the use of vacuum blood collection capacity increased to 7ML, and the number of daily treatment is relatively large, usually choose a centrifugal and automatic cap removal machine, to reduce manual cap removal time to improve efficiency.

If you have any other suggestions about the centrifuge knowledges ?
Do you need an user manual of the centrifuges to know more about this machine?

welcome to commen or share our post to your friends, then ask it from our company.

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