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Shipping Tools

Checking Shipping Cost by following tools,
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Shipping way,

We can ship according to your requested shipping way, DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS and other way.
There are several shipping ways.
1, By Express, Such as DHL, FedEx, TNT, EMS and others.
This is suit for small package which is less than 45kg, it will arrive at your door address.
It always costs around 4 to 15 days.

2,Ship by air
This is suitable for goods which is larger than 45kg, it will arrive at your airport.
Before quote for you, it will request for your nearnest Airport name.
It always costs around 4 to 15 days.

3,Ship by sea
This is suitable for large goods, this is the cost cheap shipping way,
It will arrive at your sea port, it will cost around 7 to 30 days according to different countries.

4,We can also help you ship to your Chinese agent if you request.
Any special mark and package requested, please tell us before you put order.

Shipping time,
Our delivery time in our invoice is only suitable for the time we offer you the tracking number for your order.
Because sometimes, the shipping company will have delay without any foreseeability.  we can't guarantee for that.
We will help you track goods until you receive that.