Guarantee & Post Service,Overview Guarantee & Post Service,OverviewGuarantee & Post Service,OverviewGuarantee & Post Service,Overview
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Guarantee & Post Service
How can we get the post service support when the machine was broken ?
1,we offer one year( two year warranty), any quality problem, we will be responsible for that.
2,we will ship some spare parts together with your goods to avoid something happens, if some parts was broken, we will have engineer to teach you how to replace that.
Normally, it is standard parts, easy to repair and install that.
We will also have video of the same sample machine as yours to show you how to repair that step by step.
Or we will have engineer to have video call with you to teach you step by step.
3, if you still can't resolve that, we will suggest you return machine back to china, we will repair for you, then send back to your country.

Every year, so many different customers from different countries buy equipment from us, few machine has post service.
No worry too much about that,even some post service needed, we will have ability to resolve that.