50kW 500mA Analog High Frequency Xray Machine 50kW 500mA Analog High Frequency Xray Machine50kW 500mA Analog High Frequency Xray Machine50kW 500mA Analog High Frequency Xray Machine
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50kW 500mA Analog High Frequency Xray Machine

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  • Description
MA: 500ma Type: Stationary KW: 50kW
Operation Video,

Main Component                            Technical Spe.
X-ray generator
(include console)
Output Power 50KW
  Power Voltage 380V±38V
  kV range 40~150kV
  mA range 10~630mA
  mAs range 0.1 ~630mAs
  Exposure time 0.002~6.3S
X-ray tube
Anode Heat Storage Capacity 240kHU
  Small focus 0.6
  Large focus 1.2
  Anode speed 3000r/min
Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al /75kV
  Light Source LED
Radiographic Table
Top Table Size 2100X800X650mm
  Bucky Size 18X18inch
  Table longitudinal movement ≥900mm
  Cassette Movement Distance ≥500mm
Vertical Chest stand
Vertical moving range ≥1200mm
  Bucky Size 18X18inch
Double Grid
Size 18X18inch
  Ratio 1:1
  F.D. 100cm
  Density 40 L/cm

X-ray generator
Rich DR upgrade reserve interface
Fault self-diagnosis and protection
Automatic calibration of tube current
X-ray tube has the function of filament dormancy
AEC function, different ionization chamber as optional
Analog - digital double - loop control, simple operation, high intelligence
High kV, high current, high power,strong penetration,able to handle obese patients

Applicable to orthopedics, emergency room, operating room, etc.,
As human head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar spine for medical diagnosis

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