Video Laryngoscope with disposable Blade Video Laryngoscope with disposable BladeVideo Laryngoscope with disposable BladeVideo Laryngoscope with disposable Blade
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3" LCD Video Laryngoscope with disposable Blade

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feature of product:

1. Accurate: real-time image output, the latest imported high-definition ultra-thin LED3.0 inch right-angle plane

The display has a resolution of 1600*1200, with finer imaging and no dry points.

2. Fast: simple structure, convenient operation, neat, and the lens field of view is 90°, which can clearly display the patient's body situation, accurately find the glottis, assist the physician to avoid blind insertion, and successfully complete the intubation

The protective cover is made of high-strength medical P여 material with automatic anti-fogging function.

A variety of lenses can be selected, suitable for patients of all ages.

3. Convenience: The whole device is light, easy to carry, and more convenient to use

4. Safety: Reasonable lens angle design can effectively reduce the failure rate of tracheal intubation and avoid oral bleeding and tracheal contusion caused by intubation. Solve the difficult intubation of the sleepy airway to protect doctors from cross-infection of respiratory infectious diseases.

Technical advantages:

1. The imported high-definition camera is the leader among similar products, which is conducive to various intubation and difficult intubation cases. Lens resolution is 2 million pixels

2. Instant snapshot, quick storage to TF card, photos and images can be saved by computer output

Conducive to the application of seminars or teaching plans outside the operating room.

3. The weight of the whole set of equipment is 0.28KG, light and easy to carry, so it is truly portable and suitable for all kinds of

First-aid places, improve the convenience of emergency release and reduce medical risks.

4. The handle body and the outside of the display screen are made of metal material, which makes it feel better and more durable.

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G.W: 1.8kg

Packing Size: 0.3m,0.25m,0.15m

Unit: Piece

Special: No

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