170cm Human Skeleton Model with enthesis of the half color muscles
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170cm Human Skeleton Model with enthesis of the half color muscles

170cm Human Skeleton Model with enthesis of the half color muscles
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  • Description
170cm human skeleton model with half muscle staining and half ligament demonstration model
Material: Non-toxic environmental protection PVC material
Introduction: This model is a multifunctional human skeleton demonstration model with half muscle staining.
           Half ligaments, heads, joints, limbs, etc. can all be active and demonstrate the human body
           Muscular movement, skeletal structure, and human body's overall skeleton quality medical education model.
Weight: 20KGS (kg)
Model use:
      This model is suitable for secondary schools and medical colleges to explain the whole body bones of the human body, enabling students to understand the relationship between the bony scaffold and the body, and to understand the shape and bone surface characteristics of various types of bone and the relationship between the bones and joints.
Teaching content:
This model shows the bones of a male adult. The string is made into a normal upright posture, and the joints with large limbs are all active.
one. Skull: The skull is made up of 22 skulls. The skull covers are transected. After removal, the structures in the skull are shown. The jaw can move.
two. Spine: It consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 1 patella, 1 coccyx, and 23 intervertebral cartilage. And shows the neck, chest, waist, jaw four physiological bending.
three. Thorax: The thoracic cage is composed of 24 ribs, 1 sternum, and soft ribs connected to the thoracic spine.
four. Pelvis: Consisting of a sacrum, coccyx, and two hip bones.
Fives. Upper limb bone: composed of 64 bones. The scapula and clavicle of the shoulder strap are fixed on the thorax. The upper limbs can be dismantled and the shoulders, elbows and wrists can move freely.
six. Lower limb bone: composed of 62 bones. The lower limbs are fixed to form the pelvis. The lower limbs are free to be disassembled. Hips, knees and other joints are free to move.
Material structure:
All nontoxic environmentally friendly PVC plastic.
1, this product is characterized by plastic, environmental protection, low toxicity and security products.
2. It does not smell bad, and the odor of plastic products is also an extremely important indicator to measure its environmental protection and safety. Any plastic product that has a bad smell and cannot be heard for a long time must not be environmentally friendly, or even toxic and insecure.
3, no deformation, the use of material enough to ensure that the model has enough thickness, rather than relying on the filler to maintain the shape, it can withstand 40-60 °C, especially the high temperature inside the container test, without deformation.
4. It is not broken, and the compressive strength of the molded products is also safely delivered to the customers after long-distance transportation and it is not an important factor to prevent them from being broken.

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