Notebook Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound
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Notebook Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound

Notebook Laptop Color Doppler Ultrasound, cost efficient and high quality with CE, ISO certificate.
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Application: Abdomen, OB/GYN, Small Parts, Vascular, Anaesthesia, Emergency, Breast, Veterinary Styple: Portable Types: Color Doppler

Standard configuration
1, 15inches LCD main unit without any probes;
2, one probe sockets;
3, USB,VGA,VIDEO,PRINT,dicom ports;
4, Pw, thi, tdi, itouch,color dopper;
5, Ful digital Windows xp system
6, 18months warranty 64G hard disk

Display mode
B&W mode: B, 2B, B/M, B/C
Color Doppler mode: CFM, PDI, PW
Duplex: Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler
Gray scale: 256
Display: 12 inches LCD monitor
Transducer frequency: 2.5-10 MHz
Digital technology: Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF)
                Dynamic Frequency Scanning (DFS)
Scanning depth: 300mm
Imaging Processing
Pre-processing:   8-segment TGC
                Gain (B&W, Color, Doppler)
                Dynamic Range
                Image enhancement
                Acoustic Power
Post-processing:  gray map
               Black/white reverse
               Left/right reverse
               Up/down reverse

Cine-loop:      1000 frame cine loop memory
Storage media:   64G massive image-storage capacity
Zoom:         Pan Zoom
USB ports:     2
THI:          tissue harmonic imaging

Clear Imaging

Measurement & Calculations
B mode: distance, circumference, area, volume, angle, fetal growth, cruve
M mode: distance, time, velocity, heart rate
Software package: abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, small parts, urology
Transducer connectors: 2 active transducer connector ports
Peripheral ports: video, VGA, 2 USB ports
Power supply: 100~240VAC+_10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Electronic convex array transducer  
Electronic transvagional array transducer
Electronic linear array transducer   
Electronic micro-convex transducer

Focusing  Electronic focusing + acoustic lens focusing
Transmission focus: single focus, double focus, 3-focus and 4- focus
Continuously dynamic focusing mode is used for front end reception

B-type display Image amplification (real-time or freeze status), max. 4-times
Image vertical / horizontal overturn
Display depth is continuously adjustable
M-type display Scanning speed: 4- stage
Digital beam formation Image whole range continuous dynamic focusing
Image whole range dynamic aperture
Image whole range dynamic trace change
Image whole range receive delay weight summation
Support semi-moment scanning, and support ± 10 ° linear reception deflection angle
Multiple beam parallel processing technology

Signal processing and Doppler Provided with dynamic filtering and orthogonal demodulation
Provided with total gain adjustment
Gain adjustment: 8-segment TGC
B-type, C-type, D-type total gain, respectively adjustable
B/W image gain and color bloodflow gain, respectively adjustable
Doppler stereo output volume adjustment : 0-255
Doppler baseline adjustment : 6-stage
Pulse repetition frequency can be respectively adjusted: CFM  PWD
Provided with D-linear speed adjustment

Image processing function  Image realizes dynamic range conversion and logarithm compression
Image realizes time filtering
Image realizes spatial filtering
Image realizes frame correlation
Image realizes edge enhancement
Image realizes grey scale convertion
Provided with selection of B|M-type or M-type scanning speed
Provided with high-density and high frame frequency selection
Provided with image convex array scanning angle, linear array scanning depth control
Provided with image optimized processing: 6-stage
Image left/right, up/down overturn
Color grey scale bar inversion selection
B/W image resolution  1024 × 768 × 8 bit (256 grey scale)
Color image resolution:  1024 × 768  8 bit × 8bit × 8 bit color coding

Basic measurement 
Calculation function
B mode basic measurement: distance, angle, perimeter and area(ellipse method, trace method), volume, stenosis, column diagram, cross-section diagram
M-mode basic measurement: heart-rate, time, distance, speed
Doppler measurement: time, heart rate, speed, acceleration
Obstetrics measurement 
Calculation function
Gestational sac(GS), biparietal diameter (BPD), cephalo-rump length(CRL), femur length (FL), Humerus length (HL), Transverse Abdominal Diameter (TAD), backbone length (LV), occipitofrontal diameter (OFD), Abdominal circumference (AC), head circumference (HC), estimation of parietal transparent length, gestational age and expected date of childbirth.
Obstetrics report Measure and calculate amniotic fluid index(AFI)
Calculate the rate (BPD/OFD, FL/AC, FL/BPD, HC/AC)
Estimate fetus weight
Infer the gesattional weeks and expected date of childbirth according to LMP , BBT
Fetal Biophysical Score
Fetus growth curve

Gynaecology measurement 
Calculation function

Measurement and calculation of uterus, left ovary, right ovary, left follicle, right follicle etc
Andrology measurement 
Calculation function

Measurement and calculation of prostate, testicle etc
Calculation of prostate peculiar antigen predicted value PPSA, and prostate peculiar antigen density PSAD
Urology measurement
Calculation function

Measurement and calculation of left kidney, right kidney, bladder, residual urine volume etc.
Peripheral blood vessel measurement
Calculation function

Measurement and calculation of area stenosis rate, tube diameter stenosis rate
Small parts measurement
Calculation function

Measurement and calculation of thyroid, breast , enclosed mass etc
Cardiac measurement
Calculation function

Cardiac measurement software packet – providing analysis and measurement method for heart rate, speed, left ventricle, aorta, mitral valve, ventricle (right/left)
Area stenosis rate percentage (%Area Sten), tube stenosis rate percentage (%Diam Sten)
Body surface area (BSA).
Memory Function Probe parameters memory
Image memory
Cine memory
Measurement result memory
Report memory

Cine function Auto playback
Manual playback
Playback speed selection
Retrieval playback
Forward/reverse playback frame by frame

Reports Obstetrics report
Gynaecology report
Uology report
Andrology report
Cardiac report (left ventricle, aorta, mitral valve, ventricule )
Add ultrasonic imgae in report
Directory management
File management

Grey scale 256 Grey scale
Input/Output interface  Network interface
USB interface
Video interface
Serial communication interface

Probes Probe socket: 2 PCS
Probe frequency: 2.5MHz~10.0MHz, 8-stage multi-frequency 

Probe class Large convex array, micro- convex array, high-frequency linear array, transvaginal probe
Software upgrading functions 
Liquid Crystal Display
SVGA line-by-line,12 inch high resolution LCD
Power supply Built-in switching power supply: input power ≤150VA
Power supply adaption range:  220V ± 10%,50Hz ± 1Hz (AC)



7.5Mhz high frequency linear probe

5.0Mhz micro-convex array probe

7.5 Mhz transvaginal probe

7.5Mhz Trans-rectal probe

3.5Mhz convex array probe

Any Video Printer, you can buy from your native market.
We suggested model is Mitsubishi Brand Video Printer P93C


7.5Mhz high frequency linear probe
Applications:  Breast, small parts, nerve, vascular, venous access, 
musculoskeletal, biopsy guidance

5.0Mhz micro-convex array probe
Applications:  Abdominal, Urology, vascular,Pediatric cardiology, pediatric abdominal, neonatal heads,Small animal

7.5 Mhz transvaginal probe
Applications:  Obstetrics, gynecology

7.5Mhz Trans-rectal probe

3.5Mhz convex array probe
Applications:   Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Regional nerve block, 
Procedure and Biopsy guidance

Any Video Printer, you can buy from your native market.
We suggested model is Mitsubishi Brand Video Printer P93C

Package Size: 40*30*25cm
GW: 4kg

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