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work by an nice electronic pill counter machine
Do you still count your pills by hand, it costs so much time, and easy to made a mistake.
Our electronic pill counter machine designs for helping pharmacist count by machine to save time, also make it as an affordable price, it will save cost for almost small clinics.

It have several advantages for our machine,
1, fast speed to count, Max 1000 pieces/Munites
Depends on your pills size, the bigger one will cost more time to count.

2, Three different modes which can help user satisfy for different usage.

Single Mode(SGL)
machine will count requested number into the first drawer, then drop the rest pills into the second drawer.

Multiple Mode(MULTI)
you can set a requested number, then machine will count for the requested number per time, after finishing one count,
then you just need to press start, then machine will count for the next same quantity.

Inventory Mode(INV)
press start, machine will count all quantity of the pills.

The example video to show three different Mode are as following,

It can suit for different size of pills, tablets and capsules.

More other detail information about this machine,welcome to find our website.

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